100% Silicon Rubber Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover that fits all major brands of golf carts. 

NO MORE BLACK MARKS on your favorite pants / shorts pockets

12 Different Colors to choose from.

​Better Grip of the Steering Wheel

Helps prevent the spread of germs

Folds up easy in your golf bag when finished 

What We Offer


About Our Company

My name is Doug Pierce and I am the creator / owner of MyPocketGuardian. I created this product over 9 years ago with one purpose, to put a stop to the black marks that have been ruining golfers shorts and pants for many many years.

I discovered 7 years ago that the black marks were not coming from tees in my pocket, brushing up on dirty clubs, or from having a dirty golf ball in my pocket! Those marks are happening every time I get in and out of the cart and I bump my leg on the steering wheel.  Now with the MyPocketGuardian on your golf cart steering wheel, your favorite golf pants or shorts will always look as clean as the first day you got them, unless you take a big muddy divot and cover yourself in mud, I can't help you with that.

MyPocketGuardian is made from 100% silicone and fits all major brands of golf carts. It's goes on easy and removes even easier, so when your finished with your round, just simply fold it up and store it in your golf bag for the next round with your buddies.